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Web 5: Social Media and Personal Projects

In this course, the culmination of the web development path, students will create content for the online promotion of a business or organization. This course includes a personal web project, where students define the type of web project they would like to do, set objectives and then work to meet those objectives. Ideally, personal projects will allow students to work with external organizations or businesses. As well, they will create a web portfolio to their past work as part of the comprehensive assessment for the program. They will also be introduced to social media strategies and how to effectively coordinate a social media plan. READ MORE


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Web4://SPAs & Mobile Apps

In this course, students integrate their acquired knowledge of video and audio production with their web development skills by creating content-heavy + web-based mobile and single page apps. Students start to focus more on the planning, the management, the evaluation and the publication of their assignments. READ MORE

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Web 1: HTML, CSS and JS

HTML, CSS and JS (412-100-VA) is the first in a series of web courses. Web 1 integrates with other courses in first semester, including 412-103-VA: Intro to Graphic and Web Design, 412-104-VA: Graphic Design 1 and 412-105-VA: Photo Editing 1. READ MORE

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Web 2: CMS, Frameworks and Libraries

CMS, Frameworks and Libraries (412-200-VA) is the second in a series of web courses. This course integrates well with others in the program including 412-206-VA Communication and Information Technologies 2 and 412-205-VA Photo Editing 2. READ MORE